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Green Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy a healthy work environment with green carpet cleaning and carpet restoration solutions from Bravo Carpet Care. Nearly 30% of our nation's buildings suffer from indoor air quality problems. 20% are serious, and these air quality problems cost North America more than $100 billion each year in health care, absenteeism, lost production time, and lost revenue. Microorganisms have been identified as a major cause of common indoor air quality issues, and regular maintenance of your floor coverings can reduce the number of particulates and microorganisms. Our green carpet cleaning service can prevent exposure and greatly improve working conditions.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Bravo is a leader in the comprehensive planned approach to carpet maintenance. Our system is a low-moisture soil encapsulation and pile lifting method which includes the twin-cylindrical Whittaker brush machine. Vital to improved indoor air quality, this method uses up to 30 times less water than wet restoration methods. This method not only meets, but exceeds water conservation standards set by the US Green Building Council. Over-wetting, which introduces high humidity into the building, increases the very real potential for mold growth and other contaminants. Rapid re-soiling, another detrimental consequence of over-wetting, degrades carpet appearance, speeds the breakdown of carpet fiber and significantly shortens carpet life cycle.

Commitment to Green Carpet Cleaning

Bravo integrates reusable and replaceable components that are manufactured for longer life cycles to avoid unnecessary landfill disposal. Bravo cleaning systems and Green Seal certified chemicals contribute to protecting the environment and promoting healthy building standards. Our green carpet cleaning technology is designed to conserve water and reduce chemical usage. Concentrates in recyclable packaging are designed to conserve natural resources. Finally, our low-moisture process does not overtax the HVAC system with high dehumidification needs, allowing for energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint.