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Carpet Maintenance & Care

Protect your floors with carpet maintenance programs from Bravo Carpet Care of Bellevue, Washington. We proudly offer a full range of carpet care solutions that can be tailored to suit the unique needs of any business in the Seattle area.

Caring for Your Carpets

By implementing a routine carpet maintenance program, you preserve and maintain your floor covering and extend the life of your carpet investment. Routine care makes restorative cleaning unnecessary. Restorative cleaning occurs when carpet has been neglected and its appearance has degenerated to a point where cleaning is an absolute necessity. Excess soils and stains may require many methods or a combination of methods. However, restorative cleaning may not achieve the desired original beauty and appearance of the floor covering. Routine carpet care ensures a longer lasting product.

Custom Floor Plans

Count on us to identify your specific floor care needs. Just like various areas of your office are subject to different uses, each type of floor demands a different level of maintenance and care. We'll identify your overall facility needs and provide you with color-coded plans based on those needs.

Heavily trafficked areas, such as entrances and corridors, require proper daily vacuuming. Areas around vending machines and desks need daily attention to spills and stains. From spot cleaning to monthly to monthly maintenance, frequency rates, approved cleaning solution methods, program monitoring, and reporting, our carpet maintenance services are designed to extend the life of your floor coverings.